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Trader Spotlight: VJ Krishnamoorthy

Congratulations VJ Krishnamoorthy for being the first trader to complete all the requirements for the new ChartPros Price Action Mastery Certification Course! Way to go VJ, keep up the great work! 

This is what he said:

"My financial trading learning journey started a couple of years ago with Sean and team at BTG. The initial training established strong foundational knowledge on the market in general and core trading principles.

I was then introduced to "Forex Mastery Course by Mike Perrigo" and was blown away by the technical charting and opportunities that can be derived using such analysis - simple to complex Fibonacci structures, Support and resistance levels, change controls, trend lines and so forth. Putting it altogether, took my trading to another level -- win rates doubled and loss rates reduced by almost 40% over a period of 6 months. I was clearly able to articulate market bias, pit falls to avoid, and narrow in entry and exit levels.
I then had an opportunity to join the revamped Forex Mastery Course, which is now Price Action Mastery. The learning's I had earlier, blended with live webinars, assignments, exams and charting as many as 100+ charts over the last couple of months took it to a different level. It took emotions out of the picture and trade only at the best possible confluence levels established through multiple technical analysis strategies taught through the course.
Real-time interactions with Tom Winterstein, Mike Perrigo gave me new perspectives. Needless to say, my win rate has doubled, failure rates reduced by over 60% and increased my ability to understand high probability trades. For anyone aiming financial independence through the stock market, I would highly recommend taking this journey!"
Introduction to Price Action Trading - FREE Course

ChartPros launched a new free online course - Introduction to Price Action Trading.

This course is for new or current traders who would like to learn what it takes to gain the knowledge and confidence to become more consistently profitable. 

If you're ready to advance your trading this course will take you through:

  • Price Action Mastery Overview
  • Access to Price Action Q&A Recorded Webinar with Sean Jantz and Tom Winterstein
  • Understanding Market Sentiment Lesson by Michael Perrigo
  • Trader Assessment Survey

We wish you continued success in your trading journey! 


  • Congrats man! These guys are legit and love going through all the knowledge and posts. Its good to see many successes and will utilize this along with many other aspects of BTG to knock it out of the park and keep going with the knowledge and experience from this team.

    Bill Smith
  • Congratualation. Welldone. Keep going


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