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Renowned Trading Psychology Online Courses Now Available Through ChartPros

For Immediate Release

ChartPros, a leading provider of technical analysis, chart subscriptions services, and related education and training products for retail traders, announced today that is has formed a strategic alliance with Créde Performance to offer "Go Deep to Level Up Your Trading" online Trading Psychology course as well as related performance coaching services.

Research tells us that 95% of retail traders FAIL to become consistently profitable and ultimately quit trading... You may know someone in that category or may have experienced that yourself.

The short answer to unlocking the failure is learning how to manage your emotions and psychology while trading.  

It's learning how to control that voice inside of you that causes you to:

  • Chase trades
  • Enter too early
  • Revenge trade
  • Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO)
  • Over trade
  • Under trade
  • Blow up your account

And the list goes on...

The best way to manage this is to create an individualized step by step process to follow with respect to your trading.  That's certainly easy to say but can be hard to do...

For a limited time, "The 7 Step Blueprint to Mastering Your Trading Mental Edge" introductory course is available to all traders for no cost.  You can learn more and enroll FREE at this link.

"Thank you for sending me access to Créde's intro webinar, it's first class material, instantly usable..." ~ Donald Pendergast Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Créde Sheehy-Kelly is a High-Performance Psychologist with over 15 years experience coaching professional athletes, traders, and other high-performance leaders.  She helps individuals gain their mental edges to excel when the stakes are high.

She has worked with traders across the globe to improve trading confidence and consistency by teaching them how to take control of their psychological capital and master their mental and emotional aspects of trading.

Créde is a leading expert in the science of mental training and combines this knowledge with an intuitive understanding of people to deliver world-class results for her clients.

Créde Sheehy-Kelly, High-Performance Psychologist

ChartPros founder and CEO Tom Winterstein who is a Certified Mental Performance Coach recently completed the "Go Deep to Level Up Your Trading" course and had this to say...

"I am continuously looking for ways to provide education and value to traders and for the past couple of years have been in search of a trading psychologist who I thought could help me take my trading to the next level.  During this time I met with and considered a handful of industry trading psychology experts but until meeting Créde none of them felt like a great fit for me or for our traders.  Having completed Créde's course and working with her 1:1 has taught me things about myself that have not only made me a better trader, they've made me a better person in all aspects of my life.  For this I will be forever grateful and encourage traders of all skill levels, background, and experience to evaluate Créde's course and services for yourself." ~ Tom Winterstein  

In the meantime if you'd like to learn more about the "Go Deep to Level Up Your Trading" online Trading Psychology course or signup tap or click the image below:

Créde Sheehy-Kelly - Go Deep to Level Up Your Trading - online trading psychology course


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