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We've been brainstorming at ChartPros in regards to our New Year's resolution of offering more FREE Price Action Trading Education Courses, Resources, and overall VALUE.

Take for example the BEFORE and AFTER charts below for the Nasdaq futures ticker /NQ.

We actually shared the Nasdaq Chart PLAN to our ChartPros Trade Room Members, Market Insights members and posted it publicly on our Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube accounts with respect to our Trading All Time Highs free webinar replay.

Maybe you saw that and shrugged it off or perhaps you were on your game and were able to capitalize on the recent trend change.

Regardless of whether you're a trader who wants to learn all the specific details on how to chart like this or someone who prefers to be a member of an engaging Trade Room or BOTH we've come up with what's being called by some as a "brilliant path forward" for 2024 that will enable us to accomplish our New Year's resolutions!

Nasdaq PLAN


But what if we told you we share 16 Planning Charts similar to this in our ChartPros Trade Room every day? Do you think you could benefit from that?

And for the first time ever we're going to provide traders like you with FREE courses so you can understand how to chart, plan, and execute trades with the best possible edges out there!

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ChartPros Trade Room - Highly Rated Online Trader Community Experiences

We'll provides you with access to top retail trader's charts in one of the easiest to join, least time consuming, and highest ROI on your time Trade Rooms!

You'll receive instant access to 16 Indice, Commodities, and Forex charts for day or swing traders. Plus, ChartPros Trade Room members are the first to receive our Chart of the Day. We'll even take your request to chart your favorite stock, commodity, or Forex instruments!

Having been members of various different trade rooms and communities during our trading careers we know how to deliver what is most important to you and have strategically de-cluttered the chart room experience!

ChartPros Trade Room Member Benefits:

  • - Immediate Notifications when new charts are published
    - Private ChartPros Community Access via Slack Channel with other chart subscribers
    - Stay informed on futures markets with our expert chart grid and make informed trading decisions
    - Get daily updates to our comprehensive Forex chart grid and stay on top of global currency markets
    - Connect with experienced traders and receive valuable feedback on your trade ideas to take your trading to the next level
  • -FIRST to receive Chart of the Day featured post
    - Occasional planning videos with charts


Traders are continuously seeking an edge with their charts and with Michael Perrigo and Tom Winterstein providing their insights and over 16+ planning charts you will have the potential to identify edges that can enhance your style of trading. Which can ultimately add consistency to your trading.

Members receive charts for Equities, Indices, Forex, Commodities, etc. including Think or Swim chart links so you can load and use as your own.

Charts include:
Indice grids: ES, NQ, YM, GC, CL, VX

Through a private Slack Community ChartPros delivers its charts on a regular basis delivered directly to you in a timely and prompt manner that traders can leverage regardless of their trading time frames or styles: Hourly, Intraday, Weekly, or Swing.  

Please note that this is not an indicator service rather, it is pure technical analysis and chart structure service in which you will receive a Think or Swim (TOS) chart link to load.

Our members trade on various platforms including Think or Swim, NinjaTrader, Tradovate, Nadex, IG, Oanda, etc.

Some traders have told us that they make 10x, 20x, even 100x return on their monthly investment with us! To join our service and get more charts like this you can select from multiple low cost subscriptions. Once started you may cancel at the end of your current term.

There are no long term contracts required.  You can subscribe month to month, quarterly, or annually.  


We're confident that you'll like the charts and educational information you receive and stay with us long term just like these traders:

I use your charts everyday!

Still primarily use your charts every day…mostly because they work so damn well.

ChartPros was a huge part of my success… My introduction to the futures markets began with ChartPros.

Vince Koehn, Million Dollar Day Trader

ChartPros has helped me zero in on how to read charts and plan my trades.
This is one of the best self-investments I have ever did for myself. I highly recommend ChartPros for serious or beginner investors to improve your charting knowledge.

Jason Becker

Been with ChartPros for a little over 2 years now...
and trading Futures, Commodities, and Forex pairs. It probably has been the greatest investment in me that I have ever made and fortunate to be coached by Tom, Mike, and by some of their strategic partners.

Some of the best coaching I have ever received is very process focused and consistent. Can't thank Tom enough for his patience, for helping me ingrain a solid technical foundation, and for staying process oriented.

Thank you ChartPros and I highly recommend it to anyone willing to put in their effort and hard work.


ChartPros helped me become a better trader.

As someone who literally tried everything spending thousands of dollars on other products ChartPros is definitely worth the investment. If it weren't for Tom and the people at ChartPros I would still be struggling today. Now I'm more disciplined and can actually understand the market just like a real trader should thanks ChartPros for everything.

Vonte Upshaw