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FedEx Stops Delivering... Results

Since its stock price all time high of $274.66 per share just about a year ago FedEx shareholders have seen the stock price drop to a recent low around $138 last quarter.  That's roughly half of what it was and shareholders are wondering what in the world happened...

We don't typically look at a company's fundamentals but in this case there are plenty that stick out.  Primarily its relationship with Amazon has suffered along with its share price.

Investors and traders primarily only want to know what have you done for me lately and where is the stock price headed?  

We're not in the prediction business however we do apply technical analysis to charts to come up with bi-directional tradable price levels.  The FedEx scenario is no different.  If you bought FDX at $270 chances are you got out long ago but some may still be in from way back when...

Regardless, we present our outlook for FDX chart and currently consider it in a no trade zone until future price decisions present themselves.

Until then... the decision is on the truck and out for delivery! 

Free TOS chart link

FedEx stock price chart


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