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ChartPros Success Stories and Trader Testimonials

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I use your charts everyday!

Still primarily use your charts every day…mostly because they work so damn well.

ChartPros was a huge part of my success… My introduction to the futures markets began with ChartPros.

Vince Koehn, Million Dollar Day Trader


Excellent introduction!!

I thought Tom's companion webinar was an excellent addition to Mikes videos.  His use of actionable homework really makes you put the work in and to actually THINK about what you are marking up.  Practice makes perfect!!

Jeffrey Dier


A great course for people with financial independence mindset!

This course probably has been the best investment I have ever done in my life. One may spend a lot money on pleasure activities and lavish spends. But every penny spent on this course, is worth it! Outstanding clarity, simplicity and step-by-step guidance to establish the knowledge required on the stock market - either investments or trading.

Thank you Mike, Tom and Sean.

Vijay Krishnamoorthy 


Price Action Mastery

Tom and mike are awesome! Very involved...

Webinars add a lot as well as working with Tom on homework ! Highly recommend

Eric Bang


Market Sentiment

I'm very impressed.  I've learned so much in just the first lesson.  I'm Excited about what's next.

Charles Hooper

The most intense, in-depth, and rigorous course I have ever taken!!

The course is self-paced. I did not think it would take me 9 months to go thru the material. I'm so impressed with the knowledge and content this program has in it. I know more now about trading than 95% of retail traders. I highly recommend this program. You will get way more than you pay for!!

Samuel Rooks



This is the only course you will ever need. (Price Action Mastery)

Jeff Tingstad


Great courses for beginning and experienced traders looking for an edge that works!

Also has courses to help with your psychology to assist you in becoming the trader that profits consistently.

John Cantu


Been with ChartPros for a little over 2 years now...
and trading Futures, Commodities, and Forex pairs. It probably has been the greatest investment in me that I have ever made and fortunate to be coached by Tom, Mike, and by some of their strategic partners.

Some of the best coaching I have ever received is very process focused and consistent. Can't thank Tom enough for his patience, for helping me ingrain a solid technical foundation, and for staying process oriented.

Thank you ChartPros and I highly recommend it to anyone willing to put in their effort and hard work.



ChartPros has helped me zero in on how to read charts and plan my trades.
This is one of the best self-investments I have ever done for myself. I highly recommend ChartPros for serious or beginner investors to improve your charting knowledge.

Jason Becker


Absolutely love ChartPros!
Retail trading has become an industry where it seems like new educators come and go every day. However, the thing that sets ChartPros apart from the rest is consistency, care and proven success. With great educators and education it makes the idea of trading profitably a reality if and when one can apply the methods taught. I appreciate what Tom and Mike has brought to the online world of trading, Kudos!

Mac Arthur Wheeler


ChartPros helped me become a better trader.

As someone who literally tried everything spending thousands of dollars on other products ChartPros is definitely worth the investment. If it weren't for Tom and the people at ChartPros I would still be struggling today. Now I'm more disciplined and can actually understand the market just like a real trader should thanks ChartPros for everything. 

Vonte Upshaw


ChartPros has been a vital component to my trading journey.
The charts offered have become the foundation necessary to pile experience while I continue to learn how to overcome my personal trading obstacles.

Crow Farm


I have worked with Tom and Mike for just over 3 years now...
and would highly recommend ChartPros to anyone that is looking to learn whether you are a beginner or more advanced.

Blake Suitter


Awesome course!

Really useful information in my personal trading journey. Would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to better their trading skills.

T. Win


Renewed Hope

ChartPros didn't just provide answers, but practical solutions to my trading issues. I'm blown away by the results I've seen following a coaching session!



Worth Every Bit!

Been knowing Tom & Mike for about 7 years with BTG. Took their course a few years ago and didn't take it serious at all. May 2023 I got back really focused, studying, putting in work and locked in for about 4 months and today was my first live trade and it was hella profitable.  I WANT TO THANK TOM FOR BEING A GREAT MENTOR AND TRAINER AND HAVING HELLA PATIENCE!! THE ONE ON ONE'S WITH YOU ARE WORTH EVERY BIT!!! :slightly_smiling_face::100:   Mike i want to thank you as well for motivating me during BTG Days with your postings :slightly_smiling_face:...and your charts are bomb...CHART PROS ARE THE WHOLE TRUTH!!!!!!!

Que Dizzle


Couldn't have done it without ChartPros

Passed Apex Funded Trader evaluation account yesterday and I couldn't have done it without ChartPros. Thank you!

Jeff Tingstad