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Pay It Forward - Traders Helping Traders

Trading simply boils down to nothing more than a series of educated guesses so once I realized that years ago I set out to obtain the best education I could.  Along the way I tried several different systems, signals, indicators, trade rooms, etc. but found that none of them provided the logic or consistency that satisfied my need to learn a process that was self-sustaining.

I had a few mentors who were instrumental along the way.  None more important to my learning process than our own Michael Perrigo.  Before we collaborated on ChartPros Mike was my instructor and mentor.  

I was among the first students to take his Forex Mastery Course (now updated and named Price Action Master Certification Course).  Additionally, I enrolled in a very intense Boot Camp that he taught for about 9 months with a handful of other traders that reinforced and allowed me to apply what I had learned in his course. 

One of the first Boot Camp requirements was to learn how to chart and only trade using support/resistance for 3 months.  And let me tell you, if you can be successful trading using only s/r than it only gets easier after that.

Now, I’m blessed to be able to "Pay It Forward" through ChartPros and offer that same education and training to other traders like you. 

And in the spirit of making a good thing better I relied on my 20+ years experience in delivering online training and workforce development to over 3 million adult learners.   I believe it’s important to provide interactive and engaging learning environments especially for what many consider intimidating or complex topics – trading.

Now you can help pay it forward too by sponsoring aspiring traders through the ChartPros Scholarship Program.

If you've learned anything from ChartPros that has helped you become successful in the markets then I'm asking you to help other traders achieve the success they desire.

Now, for the first time ever, you can purchase ChartPros courses for the Scholarship program that will be directly awarded to traders who have submitted a ChartPros scholarship application.

Your generosity can help one of the many applicants who wish to supplement their income or one day hope to quit their jobs and replace their income by trading. 

But they can't do it alone and I need your help because while I've been able to deeply discount all of our courses I simply can't provide everything for free...

So as you reflect back upon your successful trading journey and remember those traders who helped you out along the way you can be that person for a future generation of successful traders!

Changing Lives One Trader at a Time!

Please pay for 1 or more of the following courses for aspiring traders...

Leverage Support/Resistance and Trend to Craft Winning Trades and Boost Your Performance $49 each

Master the Magic of Fibonacci: A Comprehensive Course on 6 Powerful Fib Types for Precise Price Targets & Reversal Zones $47 each

Price Action Mastery Certification Course $1495 each

Advanced Algo Driven Fibonacci Sequencing Course $495 each

Name Your Amount to Pay It Forward $10 or more helps out!

Thank you in advance for your kindness!

Tom Winterstein, MBA
Certified Mental Performance Coach
ChartPros Founder