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Pay It Forward - Advanced Algo Driven Fibonacci Sequencing Course

Pay It Forward - Advanced Algo Driven Fibonacci Sequencing Course

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This is our MOST ADVANCED course!

This course will take you through advanced strategies and preparations for trading bull and bear fibonacci sequences that have never been revealed to retail traders before now!

The course is broken into three sections and will walk you through step by step some of the most advanced strategies and techniques for day and swing trading.

You're going to learn how to identify Fibonacci sequences used by institutional algorithms and how to leverage that knowledge in your trading.

We're also going to provide insights into risk management and how to create better overall trade scenarios.

Lastly, we'll take you through some trade planning and trade recaps that apply the techniques taught in the course.

Who Should Take This Course:

  • Experienced/Advanced traders
  • Previous Forex Mastery or Price Action Mastery Certification Students
  • Swing or Day traders
  • Indice traders
  • Forex traders
  • Commodities traders
  • Crypto traders
  • Nadex traders
  • Traders who want to become more consistent and confident

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Traders Helping Traders!