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All Time Highs - to trade or not trade webinar replay

Learn the top strategies for trading all time highs and managing risk


As you and many other traders with ambitious income goals may have noticed several equities and indexes are at or near their tops.

This Market Insights webinar was previously recorded however now that we're again at or near all time highs the principles and strategies remain exactly the same!

Trading all time highs can be a risky proposition unless you know how to use and apply two specific price action tools covered in the presentation because there is less historical data available at these levels.

Join ChartPros for this informative and potentially money making/saving webinar replay to help boost your trading confidence, consistency, and trading results.

Must Know Topics Covered in this 1-hour Briefing:

  • How to estimate upside targets
  • How to identify lower highs
  • How to preserve your capital
  • And other valuable tips to help you create charts like this NASDAQ 100 futures (/NQ) 

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