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Would you like to boost your trading by accessing planning charts from the top retail traders in the industry that could help you increase your confidence and become more consistent  regardless of whether the market is trading up, down, or sideways? 

Traders are continuously seeking an edge with their charts and with Michael Perrigo and Tom Winterstein providing their insights and over 14+ planning charts you will have the potential to identify edges that can enhance your style of trading.  Which can ultimately add consistency to your trading.  Subscribers receive charts for Equities, Indices, Forex, Commodities, etc.  including Think or Swim chart links so you can load and use as your own.

But we know seeing is believing so we've highlighted a few actual results and trade recaps below and we also provide a 7-day free trial

Be sure to scroll down to copy your free Think or Swim planning chart link that we've made available!

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Actual Trade Plan and Results

S&P 500 All Time Highs Target Zone November 2021


S&P 500 Actual Results vs Plan



S&P 500 All Time Highs Target Zone September 2021

S&P 500 all time highs


S&P 500 Actual Results vs Plan

Other Before/After Example 

Actual Trade Plan and Results USD/CAD for 200+ pips - January 2021


Enjoy your FREE Think or Swim Chart link

5/12/2022 Planning Chart - for /ES

copy/paste link in Think or Swim > Setup > Open Shared Item

ChartPros delivers its charts on a regular basis delivered directly to you in a timely and prompt manner that traders can leverage regardless of their trading time frames or styles: Hourly, Intraday, Weekly, or Swing.  Please note that this is not an indicator service rather, it is pure technical analysis and chart structure service in which you will receive a Think or Swim (TOS) chart link to load.

So if you're interested but would like to learn more about our lead traders you can learn more about them at this link.


Other Subscription Benefits:

  • Immediate Notifications when new charts are published
  • Occasional planning videos with charts
  • Private ChartPros Community Access via Slack Channel with other chart subscribers
  • Futures chart grid
  • Forex chart grid
  • Receive feedback on your trade ideas

Some people have told us that they make 10x, 20x, even 100x return on their monthly investment with us!  To join our service and get more charts like this you can select from multiple low cost subscriptions.  Once started you may cancel at the end of your current term.

There are no long term contracts required.  You can subscribe month to month, quarterly, or annually.  Each agreement includes a 7 day free trial before charges are incurred.  We're confident that you'll like the charts and educational information you receive and stay with us long term.

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