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Market Insights Briefing | Recorded Thursday 10/12/2023


You're someone who has enjoyed success in life and knows how to make money trading in the markets.

But after some recent  headlines you've broken your trading rules and despite a run of profitable trades you given it all back in short order, and maybe even more...
You'd do whatever it takes to trade like a Wall Street rock star but you're not sure exactly what that is because trading is a personal and individualized journey that can often make you feel isolated and alone.
What would you do in the next two weeks to become the rain making trader you've always aspired to be?
Join ChartPros Founder Tom Winterstein and Créde Sheehy-Kelly, High Performance & Trading Psychology Coach for a Market Insights Trading Psychology Briefing hosted by ChartPros to help you master your trading mindset.
During this Market Insights Briefing we'll be covering:
  • Why mindset is critical to trading success
  • Comparing the technical and mental edges
  • The key ingredients to building a rock-solid mental edge
  • The secret to conquering discipline without the need for willpower
  • Pre-market preparation for flow state trading 
Créde is a world renowned High Performance & Trading Psychology Coach and during the past two decades she has helped countless traders like me overcome their self-sabotaging behaviors and achieve pro-level consistency in their trading.
And what if I told you that she doesn't trade and doesn't carry any bias or preference to any particular trading system or style?
That what the icing on the cake for me!
When I first met Créde, I was struggling with my trading consistency but didn't know why.
That's when Créde opened my eyes and literally my mindset to the power of the subconscious and how it can get in the way of or worse, sabotage our trading success.
Plus, she reinforced what I already knew to be true and that is traders must focus on their process way more than the outcomes!
Meaning, without a systematic and sound performance process that is diligently followed and measured then you won't be able to generate the trading profits you really desire...
So if you've been struggling with your trading discipline and consistency this is the event that could change everything for you!

Tom Winterstein, MBACertified Mental Performance CoachChartPros Founder

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