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S&P 500 Recap for February 9, 2023


Follow along with ChartPros Founder Tom Winterstein as he charts in real time and takes you through bi-directional levels of interest for the S&P 500 (ticker /ES).

This video is for: Beginning, intermediate, or experienced traders Swing or Day traders Indice traders Forex traders Commodities traders Nadex traders Traders who want to improve their consistency

We wish you continued success in your trading journey!

What separates us from the others?

ChartPros is a Market Education Services Leader for Intermediate/Advanced Day or Swing Traders. We teach price action charting for Futures, Forex, Equities, Commodities, Crypto (Bitcoin), Options etc using precision focused Technical Analysis.

The 5 Price Action Tools necessary are native to every charting platform! So what that means to you is no proprietary signals, indicators, alerts, etc are required. While many of our courses carefully cover the fundamentals some reveal institutional techniques to retail traders for the first time ever! Since 2019 over 4000 traders have enrolled in our courses... will you be next?

Our Philosophy... Give a trader a signal and they’ll profit for a day; teach a trader Price Action and Risk Management and they can profit for a lifetime… Our best selling course is the Price Action Mastery Certification course that teaches traders how to use the 5 Price Action tools native to every charting platform out there. We are the only education firm that offers an Advanced Fibonacci trading course that teaches traders how to identify institutional algorithms and trade like the pros using advanced fib strategies not revealed before to retail traders.

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