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This is What I'm Binge Watching this Weekend

I don't watch much TV, I'm not much of a movie person and when I do watch something I typically won't watch it more than once (but yeah I've seen the classics like the original Top Gun and the new one multiple times), I'm not a "gamer" however I would consider myself a binge watcher...

What I Like to Binge Watch:
  • Billions (the hit series on Showtime)
  • Shark Tank
  • Blue Bloods (my dad is a retired police officer)
  • Trading Education Courses...

Yes, Trading Education Courses!

You see, our BEST SELLING Price Action Mastery Course was originally named the Forex Mastery Course and I was among the first traders who enrolled in it several years ago.

I literally have watched the entire course at least 20 times! Yes, more than 20...


Because like a movie you've watched more than once I pick up something new every time I watch it. Even now, I watch and rewatch our Fibonacci course to help keep me sharp and ever present in the markets.

My favorite parts are rewatching the 6 different Fib anchor types that create the most precise price targets and reversal zones. In fact, I like those parts so much I recently published a free guide for traders to download titled exactly that!

I like reading and watching anything by Mark Douglas, Créde Sheehy-Kelly, and Russell Brunson to name just a few...

So if you're looking for something related to trading to binge watch this weekend let me make a suggestion for you.

It's the first two eLearning modules of the Price Action Mastery Certification Course.

And now you can grab them both as a package deal valued at $1,192 for only $96!

You can click or tap the image below to purchase them both now and be sure to add the Fib course too.  You'll be granted instant and lifetime access to both courses.

My introduction to the futures markets began with ChartPros. Their Price Action Mastery Certification Course is still the bedrock of my strategy. In fact, when I get distracted, I go back and rewatch the course. The simple support, resistance, trend, Fibonacci and how to build out confluence taught in their course is timeless. ~ Vince Koehn, Million Dollar Day Trader

You might begin to think "what's the catch?"

The real answer is there isn't a catch... It's simply part of my philosophy to help Pay It Forward which is an initiative that I recently formalized.

So whatever you're doing this weekend I hope you're able to do it with loved ones but also hope you're able to spend some time improving your trading skills!

Have a blessed weekend!


Tom Winterstein, MBA
Certified Mental Performance Coach
ChartPros Founder

PS - I do enjoy watching live sports on TV like baseball and football too!


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