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Guided Visualization for Unshakeable Self-Confidence


Visualization is a core technique in trading psychology that can help you to train your mind for specific outcomes.  For best results it's encouraged to set aside a time and place where you'll be free from distractions so you can experience the intended results.

This guided visualization exercise is specifically designed to help you enhance your self-confidence. Think of confidence like a muscle – it needs to be trained in order to grow. By reliving past experiences where you felt proud of yourself and experienced success, you are strengthening your own confidence muscle.

Listen to this guided visualization 2-3 times per week for best results. Follow the guidance of the audio and just allow the images to form in your mind. Aim to elicit feelings of confidence, pride and happiness as vividly as you can. 

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Presenter:Créde Sheehy-Kelly is a High-Performance and Trading Psychology Coach with over 15 years experience coaching professional athletes, traders, and other high-performance leaders.  She helps individuals gain their mental edges to excel when the stakes are high.

High Performance Psychologist
She has worked with traders across the globe to improve trading confidence and consistency by teaching them how to take control of their psychological capital and master their mental and emotional aspects of trading.  Créde is a leading expert in the science of mental training and combines this knowledge with an intuitive understanding of people to deliver world-class results for her clients.