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Frequently Asked Questions for previous Forex Mastery Course Students

How is the new Price Action Mastery Course different than what I already went through?

In the spirit of making a good thing better, this is a dynamic hands-on online course that includes a series of webinar sessions designed to help you gain a deeper understanding and more precise utilization of technical analysis tools in your trading. 

The webinars are led by Tom Winterstein, a long time BTG member and ChartPros founder.  Tom has over 20 years of trading experience and is also a certified mental performance coach.  Tom was in MBA school during the 1987 crash when the markets dropped nearly 25% in a single day.  He weathered the market cycles of the 1990s Dot Com era as well as the financial crisis of the 2008-2010 time frame.   Tom has led and provided eLearning, online training systems, and workforce development solutions to organizations since 1998.  Leverage his experience in your trading!

Occasionally, there may be webinar sessions hosted by Michael Perrigo.

Besides the webinar series is there anything new in the course itself?

In addition to the live webinar series there are knowledge checks, assignments, group work, a final exam, and mastery certification. 

New modules on Trading PsychologyUnderstanding the Volatility Index (/VX), and Trading All Time Highs are now included in the course.

Are there any discounts available for previous students?

The original BTG organization renamed to TradeVestor Club is no longer active.

ChartPros has taken the original course and upgraded it with several new modules and is providing a 50% discount to traders who took the original Forex Mastery Course and want to benefit from all the new materials. 

Contact ChartPros Support for this coupon code at this link. 

Is there a monthly payment plan available?

Yes, there is a 3-month payment plan option for previous students.  Contact ChartPros Support for this coupon code at this link. 

What if I’m already satisfied with my trading results and profitability?

Ultimately, if you’re already consistently profitable and are satisfied with your results then you may not need the new materials and insights offered in the new Price Action Mastery Course. 

How can I sign up for the new Price Action Mastery Course?

Visit the Price Action Mastery Course page to enroll

What if I took the original Forex Mastery Course but still have questions or would like to speak with someone about the new Price Action Mastery Course?

For any other questions not listed here reach contact ChartPros.

Enroll at this link!

What They're Saying...

Excellent introduction!!

I thought Tom's companion webinar was an excellent addition to Mikes videos.  His use of actionable homework really makes you put the work in and to actually THINK about what you are marking up.  Practice makes perfect!!

~ Jeffrey Dier


A great course for people with financial independence mindset!

This course probably has been the best investment I have ever done in my life. One may spend a lot money on pleasure activities and lavish spends. But every penny spent on this course, is worth it! Outstanding clarity, simplicity and step-by-step guidance to establish the knowledge required on the stock market - either investments or trading.

Thank you Mike, Tom and Sean.

~ Vijay Krishnamoorthy


5 out of 5 Stars!

The webinars and homework adds a lot to the course.  So far an excellent addition to my courses.

~ Eric Bang