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Chart Subscription Service Opens for Limited Time

ChartPros announced today that it has re-opened its popular chart subscription service.  Of importance to note is this is not an indicator service.  Rather, it's intended for traders with a technical analysis background ranging from beginner to advanced that can view a marked up market chart and understand basic concepts like support/resistance, trends, supply/demand zones, etc.  

Charts will be provided through a private Slack channel on a period basis as market conditions warrant.  Charts will include indices, forex, commodities, and some equities.  In most cases, bi-directional levels will be identified and can be used by traders regardless of their trading style ie. day traders, swing traders, options traders, etc.  Most of our subscribers use platforms like Think or Swim (TOS), Nadex, Tradovate, IG Forex Broker, Oanda, etc.

It is anticipated that the registration period for new subscribers will only be available for a short time period as once all the subscription slots are sold the system will stop accepting new subscribers.

New subscribers can choose from monthly, quarterly, or annual plans.   Each plan includes  7 day free trial period before charges are incurred.

To learn more or to subscribe visit our Stock Market and Forex Charting Subscription page.

"I get trading charts that are already planned out for tradeable decision points. It is helpful for me as a beginner trader to get a look into the expert market analysis of ChartPros. The pre marked up charts I receive are both a teaching aid and an indicator of where and when to place my trades... very valuable, and worth every penny of the small monthly cost!"




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