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ChartPros Awarding $1.2M Scholarships in September

Through ChartPros Pay It Forward – Traders Helping Traders program the company announced it is awarding scholarships valued at over $1.2M in September. 

Long time ChartPros Trade Room Member and Price Action Mastery graduate Vince Koehn was instrumental in helping Pay It Forward by setting this up through Apex Trader Funding

In case you’re not aware, Vince utilized funded accounts from Apex during the last year to earn over $1M and now leads Million Dollar Day Trader with the goal of helping other traders by sharing his knowledge and experience. 

Vince remains a current ChartPros Trade Room member and recently shared this:

“Still primarily use your charts every day…mostly because they work so damn well.”

“ChartPros was a huge part of my success… My introduction to the futures markets began with ChartPros.



Their Price Action Mastery Certification Course is still the bedrock of my strategy. When I get distracted, I go back and rewatch the course. The simple support, resistance, trend, Fibonacci, and how to build out the confluence taught in their course is timeless.” ~ Vince Koehn

Aligned to our philosophy of “Give a trader a signal and they’ll profit for a day; teach a trader Price Action and Risk Management and they can profit for a lifetime…” ChartPros will award 4 funded trading accounts of up to $300K each plus a variety of its price action technical analysis courses this month. 

ChartPros founder Tom Winterstein stated “I’m extremely appreciative of Vince’s willingness to help other traders and proud of his accomplishments.  I’ve witnessed first-hand in our Trade Room the long hard work that Vince put in day after day, week after week, month after month to accomplish what every trader aspires to do.  We want to help create an army of traders accomplish their trading goals.”

Tom also said that “Apex is the only funded trading program that he recommends and actively trades and that ChartPros can provide assistance to traders trying to pass their funded evaluation challenge.”


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  • Congratulations Vince! You’re my new hero. Thanks.


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