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Fibonacci, often referred to as “Fibs”, are one of the most commonly used tools in Price Action Trading for trending markets in helping create measured price movements which can assist you in creating bi-directional future levels of interest and anticipate trend reversal zones.

However, Fibs are often used incorrectly by traders causing lost or missed opportunities.

Why do we think that is? Because most Fibs that we see posted on the internet are not drawn or used correctly and we realize that most traders didn’t learn from institutional traders that understand how the trading algorithms are developed and used by professional traders.

This free guide will explain to you exactly what Fibonacci retracements and extensions are and how they should properly be used on your charts. First and foremost, Fibonacci is a Trending Tool to identity potential reversal and extension levels in price action across any time frame.

The most commonly used Fibonacci drawing is known as the “Swing Fib” which virtually “every trader in the world” that uses Fibs will have on their charts.

Now, if you're ready to learn about all the other different types of Fib retracements that you can use on your charts download the free guide:

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