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Have You Ever Thought About Quitting Your Job to Trade Full Time?

Have You Ever Thought About Quitting Your Job to Trade Full Time?
Changing Lives One Trader At A Time
Trading is not easy, but can be life changing.  We seldom meet a trader who isn't passionate about trading part time to generate supplemental income, or even better, someone who desires to quit their day job to become a full time trader.

But many find that can be easy to say but hard to do.  Trust us when we say we know because at the end of the day why else does anyone trade?

Too often though we see traders who focus on the outcome rather than the process.  We have found that those who focus on their profits and losses from trading rather than developing a sound, fundamental, proven approach are not as successful and more times than not land in the bucket of traders who blow up their accounts and ultimately fail.  Research tells us that approximately 95% of retail traders fail within their first 3 months of trading.  That's a really big failure rate.

When we think about the reasons why so many traders fail some of the things that come to mind are not having the right tools / training / skills to accomplish their goals.  And if you think about it that's true of any endeavor.

Having the right knowledge and the proper tools are requirements to be successful in.... fill in the blank because it's always true.  Trading is no different yet many try their hand at it and when they fail they wonder or don't know why.

Truth is the two biggest things we hear from traders is the lack of confidence and consistency which are catalysts in the recipe to fail.

There are many ways to be successful at trading however, there are many many more ways to be unsuccessful at trading.  The challenge then becomes how to evolve into a trader in the 5% who make it.

Our Philosophy...

Give a trader a signal and they’ll profit for a day; teach a trader Price Action and Risk Management and they can profit for a lifetime…

We don't sell "secrets", costly signals, or indicators but we can provide you highly rated training and expert resources to help support your goals and dreams!

Our MOST POPULAR course is Introduction to Price Action Trading where you can learn how to best Leverage Support/Resistance and Trend to Craft Winning Trades and Boost Your Performance.  This week you have the incredible offer of enrolling in this course for only $49 ($499 Value) but know that this price will be increasing to $99 very soon.

Our NEWEST course Master the Magic of Fibonacci: A Comprehensive Course on 6 Powerful Fib Types for Precise Price Targets & Reversal Zones is a Highly Rated course that was originally designed and developed as part of our Price Action Mastery Certification course and now for the first time ever it's being released as a stand alone course!  You can currently enroll for the special introductory investment of only $47 ($693 Value).

Our BEST SELLING course is Price Action Mastery Certification course that teaches traders how to use the 5 Price Action tools native to every charting platform out there.  So what that means to you is no proprietary signals, indicators, alerts, etc are required. 

Our MOST ADVANCED course is Advanced Algo Driven Fibonacci Sequencing that will take you through advanced strategies and preparations for trading bull and bear fibonacci sequences that have never been revealed to retail traders before now!

Our HIGHLY RATED Members Only Trade Room is currently is now packaged with our price action technical analysis trading courses for FREE! 

Those who know us realize we put the time and energy into ChartPros not for the money but as a means of "Paying It Forward" by helping others and showing our overall gratitude for the many blessings in our lives. But those same people also realize we won't put forth products and services for free because there must be "skin in the game" for all involved to reach one's fullest potential, regardless of the goals.

At the end of the day we consider ourselves to be a comprehensive trader education "solutions provider" where traders can obtain:

We tell our traders that trading is like going to the gym... nobody we know goes and works out from 9:30am to 4pm. They go, get their workout done, and gone in about an hour or so. Trading can be a similar approach!

Ultimately, trade entries and exits are essentially educated guesses so why not get the best education possible!

Since 2019 over 6000 traders have enrolled in one or more of our courses and you can see first hand what many of them have said about their successful experiences and outcomes by tapping or clicking this link.

For the first time ever, find out how you can get these courses for FREE!

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ChartPros has an Excellent rating on TrustPilot!
ChartPros has an Excellent rating on TrustPilot! 



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