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Price Action Mastery Course

A question for traders who STILL haven't successfully achieved their desired level of trading consistency...

Would you like to learn the required skills and possess the confidence to become more consistent regardless of whether the market is trading up, down, or sideways even if you're a new, intermediate, or advanced trader?

Here's the thing, in this course you will learn everything you need to know about charts and technical analysis to become more consistent with your trading results.  Basic structure, support/resistance, trend, supply/demand, Fibonacci, change control zones, divergence, and putting it all together.


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Michael Perrigo is 15+ year retail trading veteran who has mastered the art and science behind Equities, Futures, Commodities, and Forex charting structure and has a knack for teaching complicated strategies and making them simple for any new and or experienced trader to understand.   His charting capabilities and trade execution against them has made him a consistent trader over the years. 

Get ready for the ride of a life time as Michael takes you from top-down analysis in one of the most comprehensive courses you'll experience.

Your trading will never be the same!

The truth is, our graduates trade futures, forex, equities, options, and commodities on Nadex, Think or Swim, Tradeovate, NinjaTrader, Oanda, and other popular trading platforms.  (If you already completed the Forex Mastery Course then visit the Frequently Asked Questions page.)

 This course is for:

  • Beginning, intermediate, advanced or experienced traders
  • Swing or Day traders
  • Crypto, Equities, Options, Indice, Forex, Commodities, NADEX traders
  • Traders who want to improve their confidence and consistency 

    Live Webinars
    This is a dynamic hands-on online course that includes a structured curriculum of self-paced lessons plus a number of live webinar session recordings designed to help you progress through the course and apply what you learn.

    The webinars are led by Tom Winterstein who has over 20 years of trading experience and is also a certified mental performance coach.   



    Each section contains knowledge checks aimed at ensuring learners comprehend and can apply the materials being taught.

    There are also assignments, group discussions, knowledge checks, and a final exam.

    Upon successfully completing the course, assignments, and final exam you will receive a Certificate of Completion issued by ChartPros.


    What Current Students Are Saying...

    Excellent introduction!!

    I thought Tom's companion webinar was an excellent addition to Mikes videos.  His use of actionable homework really makes you put the work in and to actually THINK about what you are marking up.  Practice makes perfect!!

    ~ Jeffrey Dier


    A great course for people with financial independence mindset!

    This course probably has been the best investment I have ever done in my life. One may spend a lot money on pleasure activities and lavish spends. But every penny spent on this course, is worth it! Outstanding clarity, simplicity and step-by-step guidance to establish the knowledge required on the stock market - either investments or trading.

    Thank you Mike, Tom and Sean.

    ~ Vijay Krishnamoorthy


    5 out of 5 Stars!

    The webinars and homework adds a lot to the course.  So far an excellent addition to my courses.

    ~ Eric Bang



     What Graduates Said...

    Course Outline

    Section 1 | Market Sentiment

    • Course Overview - Free Preview
    • Understanding Market Sentiment
    • Higher Time Frame Support/Resistance Part 1
    • Higher Time Frame Support/Resistance Part 2
    • Higher Time Frame Trend
    • Higher Time Frame Trend - Part 2
    • Market Sentiment Knowledge Check
    • Market Sentiment Assignment
    • Market Sentiment Live Webinar

    Section 2 | Building Structure

    • Supply and Demand
    • Higher Time Frame Fibonacci Basics
    • Building a Ladder
    • Intraday Trend
    • Intraday Trend - Part 2
    • Intraday Trend - Part 3
    • Higher Time Frame Change Control
    • Lower Time Frame Change Control
    • Building Structure Knowledge Check
    • Building Structure Assignment
    • Building Structure Live Webinar

    Section 3 | Fibonacci

    • Intraday Fibonacci
    • Intraday Fibonacci - Part 2
    • Introducing Momentum
    • Divergence
    • Fibonacci Knowledge Check
    • Fibonacci Assignment
    • Fibonacci Live Webinar

    Section 4 | Advanced Fibonacci

    • Advanced Fibonacci
    • Advanced Fibonacci - Part 2
    • Fibonacci Validation
    • Fibonacci Validation - Part 2
    • Fibonacci Sequence Validation
    • Advanced Fibonacci Knowledge Check
    • Advanced Fibonacci Assignment
    • Advanced Fibonacci Live Webinar

    Section 5 | Putting It All Together

    • Putting It All Together
    • Putting It All Together - Part 2
    • Putting It All Together - Part 3
    • Putting It All Together - Part 4
    • Trade Management
    • Fibonacci Validation Trade Recap
    • Putting It All Together Live Webinar

    Section 6 | Swing Trading & *New* Bonus Material

    • Swing Trading
    • Trading Psychology
    • Trading All Time Highs
    • "Ask Me Anything" Webinar
    • Volatility Index (VX)

    Section 7 | Final Exam

    • Final Exam Prep Live Webinar
    • Market Sentiment Final Exam Questions
    • Building Structure Final Exam Questions
    • Fibonacci Final Exam Questions
    • Advanced Fibonacci Final Exam Questions
    • Putting It All Together Exam Questions
    • Final Exam Assignment

    Tuition Value $4900+

    Our goal is to make this amazing course affordable for anyone who would like to take it. If one of the options doesn't work for you then you may be eligible for one of our scholarships by completing this trader readiness survey.

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