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ChartPros Launches Price Action Mastery Course

Price Action Mastery Course with Michael Perrigo


ChartPros announced today that it has launched a new and improved Price Action Mastery Course in collaboration with Michael Perrigo (instructor) and BTG.  The course, formerly known as Forex Mastery Structure Course, has over 500 graduates to date.

In addition to the new name, many new features have been incorporated to enhance the learning experience.  The course incorporates a blend of self-paced online training with instructor led live webinar sessions at key milestones throughout the course.

Additionally, knowledge checks, assessments, assignments, group discussion/collaboration, and a final exam have been incorporated into the new format.

The course instructor Michael Perrigo is a 14 year retail trading veteran who has mastered the art and science behind Equities, Futures, Commodities, and Forex charting structure and has a knack for teaching complicated strategies and making them simple for any new and or experienced trader to understand.   His charting capabilities and trade execution against them has made him consistently profitable over the years and he is on track to retire financially independent at a very young age!

Sean Jantz of BTG was the original mastermind behind the initial course launch a couple of years ago.  BTG provides a tremendous service for new traders and this course has provided a natural learning path for those who have wanted to progress to the next level for their trading.

This is a very "hands-on online training course" stated ChartPros Tom Winterstein who will take an active role in delivering the course by leading the live webinar sessions as well as providing overall guidance to the learning experience.

Winterstein went on to also say "I've been very fortunate along the way in my trading education to have crossed paths with Michael Perrigo and Sean Jantz of BTG and am inspired to help other traders like I've been coached and mentored along the way.  This will serve as a great platform for me to give back."

This course is primarily for:

  • Beginning, intermediate, or experienced traders
  • Swing or Day traders
  • Indice traders
  • Forex traders
  • Commodities traders
  • Nadex traders
  • Traders who want to become consistently profitable 

The course contains 5 major sections plus Live Webinar Sessions and a Final Exam.  Participants will receive a Certification of Completion upon successfully finishing the comprehensive and rigorous curriculum:

  • Market Sentiment
  • Building Structure
  • Fibonacci Basics
  • Advanced Fibonacci
  • Putting It All Together

Most importantly, this course is being offered for a fraction of the cost of other online trading education courses so the value and benefit to a retail trader is huge.

To view the free course overview or to enroll visit the Price Action Mastery Course page.







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